Thursday, April 9, 2009

Watch Movies On PC

There are several ways to watch movies on PC. Free websites and rental/purchase sites offer you the ability to watch a movie of your choice anywhere and anytime. If you look around you will be able to find just about any movie or TV show that interests you.

Video Rental/Purchase - Watch Movies On PC Anytime

I'm sure you've noticed that there are hundreds of Internet sites offering free movies to watch on your PC. I was on a trip recently and found myself with nothing much to do. I started clicking through the hotel TVs channels and didn't find anything I wanted to watch so I decided to make use of the hotels high speed Internet and surf for a while.

Naturally, I was still interested in watching a show and started searching for "watch movies on PC". I found a lot of listings for free sites and started going through them, just to see what they had. With most of them, the quality was bad and they were obviously set up to get me to respond to some kind of offer with no real content. Some had good content, the movies were in small frames but played just fine. The only problem here was a limited selection. Finally, I ran across a listing for Amazon Video on Demand.

I new Amazon from looking for book titles and clothes but I hadn't noticed the video section. I started going through their list of titles and was very impressed. Not only just resent releases but also a lot of vintage movies and a wide range of genres. Not only movies but TV shows. I have been a fan of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and as the show was moving toward its finale I had to miss an episode due to work ( no I don't have TiVo). I had been waiting for that episode to come up on SciFi rewind but after a week of not showing up I was getting frustrated. So, while I was browsing through the video selections I found the episode I missed. $1.99 and 40 minutes later I was happy and caught up on what the frack was going on.

Movies can be rented or purchased. They are stored in your Amazon Video Library for safe keeping. Purchased movies are available to be downloaded any time - though I would become familiar with the license agreement to be certain of how many downloads are allowed. Rentals are available to vue for a specific amount of time.

Watch Movies on PC - Whats Avaliable on Amazon.

You can find just about anything that's been produced on Amazon, thier library is that extensive. Here is a small sample to give you an idea of whats there.

* International
* Horror
* Drama
* Documentary
* Classics
* Comedy
* etc.....

Cable TV Networks:

* SciFi
* VH1
* Animal Planet
* Discovery Channel
* etc....

Broadcast and Premium:

* Showtime

As you can see pretty much anything you want, anytime you want it.